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Three Best Rated Tampa Roof Rubber Roofing Material

Save on Costs with Durable Rubber Roofing in Tampa, FL

Avoid ponding, chalking, high energy costs, tear-offs and re-roofs.

Learn how long-lasting, waterproof, rubber roofing material renews your commercial flat and low-sloped roofs, residential flat roofs, and even patio roofs!

Three Best Rated Tampa Commercial Rubber Roofer

Whether you are deciding how to repair a weathered roof, or comparing the best roofing materials for your next project, investing in a new rubber roof coating could save you time and money while improving the quality and lifetime of your roof system.

What is Rubber Roofing?

Rubber roofing, also referred to as silicone roofing, is a moisture-resistant roof coating that can be applied to practically any existing roof surface, creating a seamless membrane that does not absorb liquid, and withstands softening. 

Because the material is applied over your current roof system, the process won’t interrupt with normal business operations, and you do not have to spend time or money tearing out your original roof.

How does Rubber Roofing save costs and extend the life of a flat roof?

The smooth, highly-reflective white gloss finish of silicone roof coatings not only reduces energy costs, but prevents the material from shedding and cracking over time due to exposure to harsh UV light. 

Believe it or not, a well-installed rubber roof is an almost impenetrable first line of defense against future leaks and water damage that typically result from other weathered material.

Are there other alternatives to a Silicone Roof System?

While other acrylic, water-based roof coatings are sometimes reinforced with roof fabric to reduce ponding, chalking, molding, mildew, sun damage and staining, no solution is nearly as effective as applying rubber roofing material to your existing roof. 

The process also requires less material (almost less than half the amount you would need for an acrylic roof) and the coating stays intact for the entirety of the roof’s lifetime. 

Is Rubber Roofing easy to install on any existing roof?

Rubber roofing material, because it is so resistant to moisture, can be dangerously slippery. It’s crucial to have the coating applied once the roof is completely dry to maximize adhesion to the roof.

While one to two layers of silicone coating is sufficient in most cases, there are roofs that would benefit from multiple coatings, or a fabric reinforcement prior to application. The existing roof material must always be factored in when planning on installing a new rubber coating. 

How long will Silicone Roof Coating last if properly applied?

When you choose to re-cover your roof with rubber roofing material, you can guarantee that the coating will remain intact for the lifetime of the roof, as long as you hire certified roofers educated on the best practices to date.  

At Larry Miller Inc, our roofers are certified on the latest silicone roofing technologies, and we deliver rubber roofing solutions backed with industry warranties.

Skip the unnecessary expenses and labor of a tear-off by simply renewing your roof with a silicone coating instead of replacing your roof entirely. 

Consult with Larry Miller Inc today and learn more about the benefits of silicone roofing, and how you can start saving today by investing in a rubber roof system.

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Commercial and Residential Roofing in Tampa Bay
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