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Standing Seam Metal Roofing and Tampa Roof Solutions

All About Standing Seam Metal Roofing

The standing seam metal roof is a particularly popular type of metal roof. These are long-lasting and offer a modern aesthetic so it’s the perfect roofing material for homes and buildings under the sun in Tampa Bay.

If you are considering upgrading to a standing seam metal roof and want to know more, here is what we will be going over in this comprehensive guide on standing seam metal roofs:

Metal roofing services can refer to shingles and tiles too, which can maximize the effectiveness of a metal roof structure.

When a person hears the words metal roofing, they may relate it to metal roofs in general. However, metal roofing covers much more than that. Metal roofing services can refer to shingles and tiles too, which can maximize the effectiveness of a metal roof structure. 

What is a standing seam metal roof?

A standing seam metal roof is a metal panel system that features a concealed fastener. The concealed fasteners purpose is to be hidden and offer greater energy efficiency.

Although traditional roofing can offer these results, a standing seam metal roof is impregnable and offers maximum benefits. As opposed to locking the roofing together with nails, a standing seam metal roof uses interlocking panels for a secure grip.

Standing seam metal roofs are best used to cover insulated homes. Insulation underneath will maximize the results of the roof and offer reduced noise.

Profile variations of standing seam metals roofs

One of the unique selling points of standing seam metal roofs is the profiles that are available. Instead of having one option, customers can enjoy several and range in colour, size, profile, and thickness. The profile of a standing seam roof refers to the way they lock together. The most common profile variations include:

A snap-lock profile consists of two panels, a male and female, that have been specifically manufactured so that they lock together without any machinery. They attach to the roof seamlessly and do not require a specific environment to be installed. They simply attach to the roof deck with a click, which is fastened underneath the panel.

A mechanical seam standing roof profile has specific edges that line up with one another. When the edges lineup, they are snapped together and locked. Mechanical seams come in two variations, single or double degrees. 

A single degree requires one fold, whereas a double degree requires two. A double lock is ideal for areas that experience extreme weather conditions and require an extra secure roof.

Batten panel profiling refers to panels that connect to one another after being roll-formed. When they are connected, a metal cap locks them in place. There are two types of metal caps that can be placed over batten panels:

Tee seam: applied mechanically and works better in extreme environments
Snap cap: do not require mechanical placement and are more common for curved panels

A nail flange is similar to a snap-lock. However, the male leg of the panel is how the panels are fastened down. These do not require a clip to fasten. They are popular due to them being the cheapest option. However, they are not the most durable. 

There are several more options for standing seam metal roofs, which refer to their design. They can sometimes improve the appearance of the roof and assist with installation. They include:

  • Flat: no indents 
  • Striated: small and equally spaced indents
  • Ribbed: indents between the seams
  • Pencil: circular indents
  • V-Ribs: V-shaped indents
  • Bead: longer indents
  • Clip relief: a clip to allow more room for the clip

Panels and their designs consist of different thicknesses and sizes, which need to be considered depending on your preferred outcome and roofing needs. For those looking for a more durable and protective standing seam roof, you might want to consider thicker panels that are of exact width size.

Advantages of standing seam metal roofing

As well as standing seam metal roofing offering more safety and energy efficiency, there are other advantages:

1. Appearance
Due to the fasteners being hidden or not needed, the overall appearance will be nicer. There will be no exposed fasteners. No exposure means that the roof will not be vulnerable to UV rays, moisture, or wind, which can hinder the performance of the roof.
2. Testing
There is an option to get your standing seam metal roof tested, which will guarantee safety and performance. Reputable roofing manufacturers will assess the roof and test the materials and design, which will prove that they can withstand extreme weather.
3. Thermal Movements
As standing seam metal roofs can move around slightly due to a lack of pins, they can contract and expand depending on the outside temperature. Thermal movements will help the roof stay in good condition and not become easily damaged.
4. Longevity
Seeing as they can maintain a good condition in any weather, they are longer-lasting than other roofing materials. Regular maintenance is less frequent too, which is ideal if you want to keep costs low.
5. Architectural Freedom
There are many profile variations of standing seam metal roofs, which means that you can have one no matter what architecture you have. A professional will tell you the best options for your needs and roofing angle.

Disadvantages of standing seam metal roofing

There are some disadvantages you will want to be aware of too.

Higher costs

The traditional roofing materials and designs cost less than a standing seam metal roof. It will all depend on your budget.

Less availability

There are fewer qualified roofing specialists for standing seam metal roofs. Thus, you may find it a challenge to locate a local roofer to install one. Due to their popularity and demand, the availability is slowly increasing.

Cannot be used on flat roofs

Standing seam metal roofs cannot be applied to flat roofs. Flat roofs cannot drain water. Thus, a metal roof will not be a good option as it can become heavy.

Commercial and Residential Roofing in Tampa Bay

To conclude our thoughts on standing seam metal roofing

Standing metal seam roofs are ideal for those who want a sleek looking home. They offer impressive energy efficiency benefits, as well as being great to protect the home in extreme weather. Although they may cost more than a standard roof, they offer great benefits and home protection for long-term results.

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