Tampa Bay’s 3 Step Storm Guide

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During Tampa Bay’s infamous hurricane season, disaster can strike at any moment and having a solid storm preparation strategy can keep your family, your neighborhood, roof plus entire home safe well before any storm hits. 

Most people have an idea of what it takes to prepare for extreme weather, but it’s just as important to know how to respond and recover after a hurricane. Be prepared for Hurricane Dorian if it hits Tampa Bay. 

Get your game plan together today with our emergency planning tips below!

  • Keep your contact information up to date and make emergency contact cards.
  • Pick a designated meeting place in case you are separated or cannot get home.
  • Determine how you will evacuate, and where you will go if need be. 
  • Stay stocked on supplies like water, batteries, non-perishables, fuel, and cash.
  • Check and maintain your car’s gas tank, oil, fluids, and tires. 
  • Never sweep leaves, grass clippings, or debris into the street. This clogs the stormwater system and prevents proper water drainage during floods. 
  • Keep your home in good repair, keeping gutters clean and tacking down loose roofing to minimize high wind damage.
  • Stay tuned to local officials for the latest weather updates. 
  • Drawbridges close to boat traffic after evacuation orders are issued so secure your boat early. 
  • Cover glass doors and windows with plywood or storm shutters and DO NOT stay in a room without shielded glass.
  • Ensure garage and double entry doors are secured, both top and bottom.
  • If you have a mobile home or RV, anchor your roof with tie downs.
  • If you are in danger of flooding, turn off the electricity at the main breaker.
  • If you lose power, make sure all your major appliances are off to reduce surge damage when power is restored.
  • Ventilate and dry your home by opening doors and windows. 
  • Avoid driving and wading through flood waters.
  • Survey your home or business with caution, from the outside first. Take photos of any damage you will need to submit a claim with your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Have a qualified licensed electrician inspect your electrical system before restoring power. 
  • Hire licensed contractors and roofers that provide written estimates, clear dates, and payment terms.
  • For extreme damage requiring roofing repairs, reconstruction, or demolition, your licensed contractor will obtain the required building permits.

Tampa Bay’s storm season finds many families and businesses without water, electricity, and in worse cases- immediate responders. Many home and property owners are left with flooding, structural, and roof damages to assess. 

While it is crucial to stay self-sufficient and self-reliant during emergencies, be sure to contact your local licensed professionals to address repairs once the storm is over. 

Keep your friends and loved ones informed this fall and prepare for tomorrow, today!

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If you incur any damage to your roof during hurricane season, remember to call your trusted Tampa Roofing Contractor.